Spotlight on Right to Know Week

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. Now that there are signs of the changing season, I wanted to share the exciting events planned over the next few weeks.

There are several events lined up for September starting with the 2016 Information Summit organized by the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association in Vancouver on September 22. I look forward to attending the event and will be discussing the modernization of the Access to Information Act.

This year, Right to Know Week takes place from September 26 – October 2. Events of the week raise awareness of access to information rights while promoting freedom of information as essential to both democracy and good governance. Watch this space for events across the country. I am kicking off the week with Minister Brison and Dean André Plourde with a seminar at Carleton University, organized with the School of Journalism and Communication and the School of Public Policy and Administration. If you are in the National Capital Region, I encourage you to register for this exciting event to learn more about access and journalism, open government, and major public policy issues in the context of access.

As always the return of Parliament brings a renewed sense of excitement to Ottawa. Expect the government response to the Report of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics on the Access to Information Act and, watch for the first phase of amendments to the Act.

The OIC had its own share of excitement following the receipt of additional funding, it welcomed a number of new employees in the past two months. As well, Toronto Star journalist Jayme Poisson, the 2016 recipient of the Greg Clark Award, will spend four days in our office in September to better understand the inner workings of access-to-information requests and complaints. This Award provides an early-career journalist the chance to gain insight on a specific subject. We look forward to having Jayme join us.

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